Success Stories

Upon first meeting Sangeetha, you can’t help but be put at ease by her warm smile, sparkly eyes and infectious, giggly laugh. She emanates a soothing, caring energy and it feels so nurturing to be in her presence. As we spoke more about all of my health concerns and the ways in which I’d like to prepare my body for pregnancy, Sangeetha’s depth of knowledge was vast. I especially love how she has a background and interest in several different modalities of healing, such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the mind/emotion/body connection. Even though I have done vast amounts of work on myself and consider myself quite self-aware when it comes to healing practices, my jaw dropped as Sangeetha exposed to me all the ways my physical ailments were connected, not only to each other, but to every single every other thing happening in my life. She explained to me things that seemed so “obvious” for me but I had failed to see them myself earlier. She has empowered me to alter my lifestyle and diet in gentle, yet powerful ways and I am ever so thankful to her. Book a session with Sangeetha and she will help your life tremendously.

Sirsa Shekim

Recording Artist/ Author/ Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, USA

I’m a 39-year-old female, married and have two kids. I work for an IT company managing approx. 120 people.

When I first met with Sangeetha, I’d overweight issues (87.5 kgs), irregular periods (PCOS), severe frequent pain and numerous lumps/rolling masses in breasts and underarms. I never had regular periods since puberty. On an average, I used to get my periods once in 3 months. I have a history of cancer in my close relatives including my mom & hence my breast problem was becoming my biggest worry.

I went for a scan where it showed the lumps clearly. It almost looked like end of life. The doctor very clearly told that I have to reduce my weight first. I started trying multiple options like allopathy medicine, siddha, yoga, homeopathy and all sorts of natural home remedies to reduce weight but nothing got me the results I wanted.

In Dec 2017, a mutual friend introduced me to Sangeetha. I was not very hopeful then but in desperate need to reduce weight. However, my first session with Sangeetha completely changed my perspective about sustainable weight loss and health recovery.

Sangeetha clearly understood my issues and came up with a customized plan for resolving them based on my needs and lifestyle conditions. Had it been a regular consulting program, I would have suppressed my food cravings and would have given up a long time ago. But this program guides one on the transformation of body, mind, and soul. It guides us in the journey, let us transform ourselves and provides a unique experience. It’s not one medicine for all program. You pour yourself in this transition and never realize a struggle in doing so. I love good food and even now I love food. The definition of good has changed now, after the transformation.

For easier viewing, I’m just summarizing my results below –

Physical Condition Initial status, before meeting Sangeetha Current Status
Weight 87.5 Kgs 66.5 Kgs
Waist size 46 inches 37 inches
Monthly Periods Very irregular (once in 4 months) My periods got regular in few months after working with her.  Absolutely no pain and completely normal now.
Breasts and Under-arms lymph nodes

Numerous big masses/lumps in the left breast and numerous small lumps in the right breast.

Severe frequent pain in both the breasts, sometimes lasting sharp pain for 2-3 mins.

Swelling under right arm and pain in underarms.

All breast lumps gone.

No more pain in breasts and underarms.

There are few things in life which would come to you as an opportunity. You have to recognize and grab when it comes. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work with Sangeetha. The level of support you get from her is unimaginable. She will be with you in the journey, helping you, motivating you, cheering with you all throughout. I am a living proof for the results you could achieve. The more you work with her, the more you gain. Zero side effects but lots of side benefits.

Ezhilarasi Chandramohan

Program Manager, Chennai, India

I’m a busy professional woman in her 30s working in the technology field. I have been working with Sangeetha for several years and the support she has given me and continues to give me really helps me stay focused on my health & happiness goals.

Sangeetha has helped me with issues related to women’s health that was really bothering me since long. When I first consulted this with her, her enthusiasm and support in helping me address my problem using a holistic approach (which is very important to me as not many provide a holistic approach to address an issue without introducing side effects) was mesmerizing. Her broad knowledge in answering my questions and combining different methods to get the best results were just beyond words. What made the entire experience even much better was getting the results at the end.

I was able to overcome my issue successfully and have learned a lot about Native American herbs and many other unique techniques after working with Sangeetha. She is my go-to person for almost anything related to health and well-being when I need advice.

I can attest for the fact that She deeply cares about her clients, takes time to understand the client’s needs and goes above and beyond to ensure that the client’s health problems are addressed.

If you are looking to get professional help & support from somebody that is knowledgeable as well as gifted and passionate about helping others reach their health goals and become a better version of themselves, then Sangeetha is the one you should go to.

Noosheh Minaskan

Engineering Project Manager, Los Angeles

I am a 39 year old Software Professional, who is a mom of 2 kids. I approached Sangeetha mainly for my weight loss goals. I wanted to badly reduce my weight because of the complications I’d with knee pain, leg pain where I was unable to stand for a long time etc. I’ve tried different things like GM diet, fitness bootcamp, strenuous gym workouts etc but they were all quite stressful and the results were also not sustainable. When I came across Sangeetha’s holistic approach, I was kind of curious but skeptical at the same time if this would help me. However, I finally decided to give it a shot as it absolutely has zero side effects.

When I mentioned about the difficulties I’d with other weight reduction techniques, She understood all my challenges and tried to accommodate my limitations within the plan, which I would say is the most comfortable part for me. She helped me break so many myths that I believed to be true for so many years. Her program helped me make incremental changes to my diet/lifestyle, keep my mind in control over the body and be on track with my goals. Eventually I not only got to reduce almost 12 pounds in 3 months but I was also able to keep it off permanently.

The best part of the program is that I didn’t suffer from any kind of food cravings at all and was able to loose my weight without depriving myself. Along with her vast knowledge on holistic healing, her positive approach really adds more value to achieve whatever you want. The results are so amazing and I’m so happy to have achieved my weight loss goals in a healthy positive way.

Later when I got pregnant and was suffering with constipation and anemic issues, the recommendations provided by Sangeetha were immensely helpful in alleviating those problems in a very short time. In numerous occasions during my pregnancy, She has helped me get over all the unnecessary fears and put my mind at ease with her positive approach. She has become my go-to person for any holistic approach to health issues. Though I am already a mom of 2 kids, Sangeetha helped me break a lot of myths and provided me the right kind of information that I very much needed during my 3rd Pregnancy and this greatly made me and my husband make informed decisions.

As a result of working with her, I also got to transform my kitchen cabinet to all healthier ingredients now and this helps my whole family keep healthier. I would highly recommend anyone to check her out if you would like to take a holistic approach to become a MUCH HEALTHIER YOU!

Suganthi Muthuramu

Project Manager, Los Angeles