How can I help you?

I'm Sangeetha and I am a Holistic Self-Care Wellness Coach.

I’m truly passionate about helping you resolve your everyday health concerns in a holistic way, wherever you might be located.

I can help guide you...

  • develop healthier eating habits based on whole, unprocessed, truly nourishing foods
  • make lasting healthy lifestyle changes to heal your everyday health concerns in a holistic way.
  • nurture your inner self and silence your inner critic
  • enjoy the journey while working towards your health goals
  • and live a much healthier life that you DESERVE & LOVE!

The most important relationship in our life is the one with our own self. However, more often than not, this is the most neglected relationship as well. Being willing to love and nurture ourselves opens up to a whole new world of opportunities for us. I'm here to help you nurture your relationship with your loving self and help live a wholesome healthy happy life that you truly deserve!

Why Self-Care is essential for our well-being?

One important thing we all need to constantly remind ourselves over and over again is that Self-Love is not selfish. It is imperative to take care of ourselves first, to better take care of others. We can only do more for the ones we love, when we are healthy, happy and fulfilled.

Self-Care is not a luxury anymore but an absolute essential, especially in this fast-pace world, to schedule enough time to take care of our physical, mental and emotional well-being. So come join me and learn how to put yourself on a pedestal first. Take time to nurture yourself. Honor yourself. Begin to love yourself more and more every day. Everything else gets taken care of automatically.

If you are not where you want to be yet, I would like you to get “focus”ed first and then learn to treat yourself right. The only thing you need is the willingness and commitment to sincerely devote some “me-time” + energy to look after your needs. Anything and everything is possible if you are ready to help yourself. For anything to become a reality, you gotta take inspired action to live that life of your dreams.

Wondering if I would be the right fit to help you take that inspired action?

Schedule a free discovery session with me and let’s find out!

My Health Journey

My journey as a health conscious person started from my childhood days while growing up in India. Looking back, I have always enjoyed spending time on reading, exploring more on healthy eating, natural healing, mindful cooking, ancient ways of living, spirituality, energy healing and self-care.

I always aspire to stay young, peaceful and cheerful all the time ? I love to follow all plant-based whole foods lifestyle. As a health nerd (much before embarking on the journey to help and serve others in the holistic health field), I’ve investigated, experimented and used a variety of things including

* Native American herbs for women’s health
* Indian spices & Ayurvedic herbs
* Siddha ways of living
* Folk remedies
* Bach Flower essences
* Essential oils
* Simple acupressure techniques
* Mudras
* Simple and effective yoga asanas
* Pranayama/breathing techniques
* Mindfulness practice
* Yoga and Meditation
* Sound Healing (Crystal singing bowls, Tuning forks)
* Chakra Healing
* Crystal Healing
* Reiki Healing
* Prana Violet Healing
* Feng shui work etc

My passion for all things health and wellness kind of inspired me to pursue a career in the same arena, thus enabling me to share my gifts that help transform people’s lives. It so happened that quitting my Corporate job of 14 yrs in the Software Engineering field to honor my personal commitments eventually paved the way to honor my soul’s true calling.

Now, I’m a certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and also a Reiki Healing Practitioner. I am a big fan of using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in my day-to-day life & I’m proud to be a wellness advocate of doTERRA Essential Oils.