Have you forgotten you?

You matter. Your health matters – physically, mentally and emotionally.
Take charge of your health, Take charge of your life!


“You, yourself, as much as everybody in the Universe,
deserve your love and attention ~ Buddha”

Are you feeling unhealthy and lost?

How can I help you?

I'm Sangeetha and I am a Holistic Self-Care Wellness Coach.

I’m truly passionate about helping you resolve your everyday health concerns in a holistic way, wherever you might be located.

I can help guide you...

  • develop healthier eating habits based on whole, unprocessed, truly nourishing foods
  • make lasting healthy lifestyle changes to heal your everyday health concerns in a holistic way.
  • nurture your inner self and silence your inner critic
  • enjoy the journey while working towards your health goals
  • and live a much healthier life that you DESERVE & LOVE!

The most important relationship in our life is the one with our own self. However, more often than not, this is the most neglected relationship as well. Being willing to love and nurture ourselves opens up to a whole new world of opportunities for us. I'm here to help you nurture your relationship with your loving self and help live a wholesome healthy happy life that you truly deserve!

Personalized Health Coaching Services

Weight Loss Breakthrough

  • Develop an understanding of the dietary choices that work best for your bodies to curb emotional eating habits, end food cravings and promote healthier weight loss.
  • Feel empowered and excited to accomplish your sustainable weight-loss goals.
  • Holistic approach to wellness, with absolutely no side-effects.



Healthy Gut Makeover

  • This program provides a holistic approach to help you feel better with any kind of digestive issues you might have - acid reflux, bloating, constipation etc
  • Delve into what is causing your digestive discomfort and help address the root cause vs. symptoms.
  • Personalized coaching on long-lasting, sustainable diet and lifestyle changes to restore your gut health.

Customized Health Transformation Program

  • Are you tired of one-size-fits-all approaches to dieting/addressing your health concerns?
  • If you are looking for a personalized holistic health coaching program that's tailored to your pressing health needs / specific health concerns that couldn't be resolved through anything that you've tried so far, then this program is for you.
  • Schedule a free health history consultation with me to discover how I can help you.

Healthy Kitchen Makeover

Want to detox your kitchen so that it can help detox your body?

* Understand what kind of foods that make or break your health
* Learn to stock healthy foods in your fridge, freezer and pantry
* Learn to shop healthier food choices for you & your family

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" ~ Hippocrates

Let's give your kitchen a healthy makeover with truly nourishing foods!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the services offered, feel free to contact me here.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

Need help to breakthrough your barriers to START LIVING HEALTHIER?

What is coaching and consulting with me?

  • A Confidential & purposeful partnership between you and me.
  • I help you focus on what’s important to reach your health goals.
  • Fortnightly sessions where I listen to you & provide my expert guidance to achieve the desired results.
  • Continued support to improve & resolve the problem areas associated with your health condition, be it physical, emotional or mindset related.
  • Personal Accountabilty Coaching throughout the program.
  • Unlimited text/email access to me all through the program.

Why me?

  • I help you tap into your own inner wisdom and take purposeful actions towards becoming your better HEALTHIER SELF.
  • Assist you make sustainable healthier choices to your current diet and lifestyle habits.
  • Develop a customized plan tailoring to your needs/health goals.
  • All my suggestions/recommendations are PURELY HOLISTIC in nature.
  • Have extensive knowledge on various natural alternative modalities and hence can provide you with a plethora of options.
  • I love WFPB lifestyle; hence can support you greatly in making the transition if required.
  • Provide REMOTE / VIRTUAL support - online sessions conducted over phone / video calls.
  • Flexible payment options.